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My Story

Hi, My name is Krishna Khanikar. Currently, I’m a student pursuing a B-Tech from VIT Vellore. I am deeply passionate about Design and Marketing and try to provide value to the society through my ideas. In addition, I also write weekly Blogs about Tech, Design and Marketing. This website is just a mean for me to share my work with you wonderful people.

I believe Design is the medium for conveying your message without even conversing.

Applicable in every field :

Usability is about understanding the user
about their goal and how we as engineers or
designers can help to achieve it. It is all
about bridging the gap between the need
and an appropriate solution. It depends on
the context of use i.e The User, The
Environment and The Task. This means that
we cannot design a usable product if we do
not assess and understand the context of
use because we do not see things like the
users or know what they know or how they work.

As a Problem solver , we cannot be the
users as we have plenty of knowledge about
the product. Therefore we have to find what
the users want. For that we don’t have to ask
people what they want rather observe real
behavior and interview them.

My Design process

User research

User research helps me to understand how people go about performing tasks and achieving goals that are important to them

Structure the info

After collecting all the data. I sort the data different categories

Create wireframes

These are the blueprints of the product.I focus on content hierarchy and user flow.

Convert into final design

After creating wireframes, I now switch to adobe XD or Sketch for giving life to my blueprints

User feedback

I strongly believe this is the most important step in my whole design process.Getting honest feedbacks from my user really helps me to understand my shortcomings in the design more clearly and finally build a good final product.

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