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What is an User interface? We constantly look at screens and learn how to do things and how to interact through the screen with the world, and we also understand how to access the information through the interface through a screen. We know that we always have to scroll down to get content on a website or swipe on a phone from side to side, but what is the actual user interface itself and how does it work? The User and the Interface are the main components. The user is the viewer or the person who interacts with the content and the user’s way of getting to that content is the interface and how they access that content. So in a lot of ways, you could think about the interface as being a bridge between the user and the content. But it’s not entirely passive.

This bridge can shape how the user gets to know content. And there are lots of models in the real world for how interfaces work. If you think about a book for instance, that’s an interface in itself. It’s an interface between the reader and the story. The book is just type on paper, but what the reader receives or experiences is the novel or the story itself.

Today, all receive almost everything through a screen and this screen will serve as a mediator. The screen will alter the experience. What that means? For example, if you think about something like a news event, this news event could be perceived in different ways depending on how the story is told. So if the story comes down to the fact that self driving cars are approved you may think it’s good news on the one hand but you might think it’s bad news, depending on how it has been reported, how it is mediated.

Marshall McLuhan famously said that the medium is the message.

However, I believe that the interface design affects the message more than just the medium. The message can be influenced by the medium. And the interface is this medium. This shapes the experience with the interface. So if everybody experiences through the screen, the interface designer has a lot of control. Because the designer of the interface shapes every experience.

What is UX then? –

User Experience –

Now maybe you might have a doubt that what is UX then? So now , let’s look at the relationship between UI and UX. We often conflate these two terms. But to begin with, we’re going to pull them apart in order to examine them separately, so we can understand the differences between the two.

UI is often a term that’s used to talk about the interface itself. It’s about how it looks. It’s about visual design, and how we access digital content. UX is a little bit more about how that digital content feels, what the experience of it is. And that is often rooted much more in a non-visual design practice.

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