The Design of Success for Startups

Good design is often said to solve your and your customer’s problems and as we enter a new golden age of innovation, good design has never been more important to a company’s success.
Many companies are based on innovations for technology and service. While there’s nothing wrong with unique ideas, but it may be something else that makes a difference between a big success and a huge failure i.e DESIGN. But the question is Why?

4 Phases of your Product: Product Lifecycle

The concept of the product lifecycle is a tool to measure the marketing world. Products are like human beings. They are born, they grow, they reach maturity and then they enter their old age, enter the declining stage and they die. Hence, by adapting and using the product lifecycle, marketers can acquire the knowledge and understanding they need of how to make a product work on the market. Let’s begin by discussing each of these phases.

Bridge between User and Content : UI

What is an User interface? We constantly look at screens and learn how to do things and how to interact through the screen with the world, and we also understand how to access the information through the interface through a screen. We know that we always have to scroll down to get content on a website or swipe on a phone from side to side, but what is the actual user interface itself and how does it work? The User and the Interface are the main components.